“emancipation at its best :D”, brok3n_funk [ comment ]

“ur mixes are like mc donalds : i’m loving it 😛 lol”, bobomurcielago [ comment ]


well isnt this the greatest huh =) its me. a nice puppy bringing you some lovely beats that will make you shiver and make you go crazy. If you like what you hear favourite or whatever and let me know what you think so I can alter the styles to the preferences. I kinda dun mind to please a bit but its you who I like to be pleased by tbh. So yea.. lets get started right? Go have a listen.

I am a wild girl from Belgium who likes to bring it rough and direct so I hope you can enjoy that a bit. I will most likely bring a mix of Dubstep, DnB, Electro, Breakz, some 8 bit wackyness since that suits me well. And.. last but not least I bring dirthy sheep with me. Dirthy sheep is the guideline. So ALL FOLLOWWS DA DIRTHY SHEEP ON THE ROAD TO MADNEZZZ.

Ah, did I mention that I luv bass ;)? [ Still following me? Cool cool, impressive that you can keep up with my beats! ]

Ah yes, one more thing! When you get invited over for spagh. Think twice before you say yes! okay; thats it.



Now in all seriousness.

Lekker Hondje is a belgian girl that doesnt feel very belgian that has her roots in the hardcore house production but gave that up on that after she grew tired of the closed mindedness of the record labels/directors as she tried to explore different styles, new grooves.
She tried to walk the lines that connect the different styles and tried to fade out these lines. Bring different styles to the people. In all this she is strongly influenced by artists such as 2manydj’s aka soulwax, NIN, Spor, Stim Axel, Jimmy Hendriks, The chemical brothers and many others.
When she isn’t working on any music business then she is probably at her ‘other’ job or she is playing arma2 or doing other stuffs of course.
She will bring you dirthy beats (, dirthy dancing and pounding pounding techno music – hehe), good groove and catchy tunes.

Remixes, mixes, mashups, probably some new own work soon. Let her take you on a trip trough the magical world of electro music and enjoy the beats.


btw!! check out my soundcloud tunes for originals, remixes, total fuckups, raw basslines with beautiful melodies. There is a lot of stuff there to check out going from DnB to Deep Electro crossover to trashy beats. http://www.soundcloud.com/lekker-hondje — in my mixes I explore the road I am taking with my originals/remixes so it’s really worth checking out where the road takes us — ahh thanks for reading)) sorry for my messy thoughts!! probably was really hard following =p hehe


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