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gameboy  MIXTAPE

Lekker Hondje takes you on an adventure through electro land, taking you from dramatic dubstep parts to exciting and uplifting trashy experiments to deep melodious Drum and Bass. She takes you through the whole spectrum of electro land where she epxeriments with sounds all over. Harsh rough basslines, sweet dreamy melodies along amazing vocal play to 8bit sound madness.
You just gotta check this out. Breathtaking and it will get you dancing for sure. For Lekker Hondje music is deep art and she loves to explore the boundaries of her art; during her mixsessions she does this through the work of others of which she explores the borders and drags out a whole new spectrum of sounds out of the original artists work


Jack Willard – drunk at picture
Fracture Design – Children of the Sun
EparRae – Got It
Alluvion – Jewel Spirit
Chelmito – Nouvel Air
du no – Two Months Off
The Girls Can Hear Us – If U Want Me (remix by Downlow’d and Mad Sin)
Vaginia Ludwigia – A Baby of God and Peace
Black Inc – WhiteNoise
VALVe – Reconstruction (Retrostep remix)
Sifalaka – AI For An AI For An Evi
kORN – Falling Away From Me (xOM Reimx)
Haezer – Anarchy (Falkirk Remix)
Shisa Robot – Friday Grind Holocaus7 mix
Goa backup 8
Chase & Status – Time (Hivemynd Remix)
Veela – Night Vision (Dyrdi Remix 2)
Trash Talk – Werewolf

Avicii – Levels (Retrostep Remix)
Emiliana (Product Remix)
Hack The System – Apocalypse
Jin – Applaus (Remix)
Justice – Stress (Aaren Reale Remix)
Katy B ft. Dismantle – Dirty Stranger (Stompa Rework)
Magnetic Man – Perfect Stranger (Dirtyloud Bootystep Mix)
Drivepilot – Money
Ninetynine – Switchblade
Pastel Arsenal – Buk if you owski
Promo Kazyo – Braguette (Nightbreaker Remix)
Ninentynine – Revenge (Hero Remix)
Sixty-Forty – Clown
Saturn – 10 out
Fancy – D.A.N.C.E.
Touch me in May
Suplex Revolver – I need Help
In The Beginning
Synthetic Epiphany – Dying Breed
Poem no99
Steve Freeman – She’s gone
Handbook – The Moon


alpha pup – crumbled luna
crim – action (VIP)
YAMOY – Muzik KontRol
Randy Adamczyk – Invisible (Crim Remix)
Nosaj Thing – Us (Jon Hopkins remix)
Orion’s Belt Buckle – Free THe Robots
Mono/Poly – Needs Deodorant
Chad Vicious – Control Yourself (Falkirk remix)
Clint Manswell – Requiem for a Dream (Faust’s Dreamstep remix)
Of Porcelain – Here for Now
du no –  du no
Sega Womps – Bit Glitch
The Casualties – Tomorrow Belongs To Us (99 Remix)
Vandal – Mad as Hell (Elite Force Re-edit)
Tu viens a la soirée – Comic Strip
VIrtual Boy – Mass
Philpot – Electricery
Scott Lowe – Cricles in My Mind (TwoThirds remix)
Apparat – Ash Black Veil
Bfnk – Watery Encounter
Cherry Blossoms and a Heart – valeska Jakobowicz and Caalamus
Mario Gonzalez feat. Vaginia Ludwigia – Love Lips
Nistrostirumpa – Closer
Tehn – Rec 101012
Nistrostirumpa – Today We Are Lookin Neon
Hearhere – Tell Me (A Version)
Johnny Jewel – Desire (under your spell)
du no – Neverheardnothin’remix



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