Remix: Infernal Anxiety by Roniit

Posted in Remixes, Tunes on June 19, 2011 by lekkerhondje

lekker Hondje delivers another remix, this time she let the doggy madness loose on Roniit’s dark pop tune ‘Infernal Anxiety’. Alternative Progressive Electro Rock would be closest to describe this piece of her that is titled as lekker Hondje’s Bipolar Edit.

Original version can be found here and on is appearing on Roniit’s new album.

Remix: Clockwork by Synthetic Epiphany

Posted in Remixes, Tunes on June 19, 2011 by lekkerhondje

lekker Hondje remixed Synthetic Epiphany’s tune Clockwork and created her own progressive drum’n’bass version of the tune in the form of the klokwerk edit/remix. It’s competing in Syntethic Epiphany’s remix competition. Remix that gets most attention will be featuring on Synthetic Epiphany’s new Album and the remixer will receive a 1 year solo artist account on soundcloud.

you can find the original version here

mixtape: binary dog / binary escape

Posted in Mixtapes, Tunes on June 18, 2011 by lekkerhondje

New mixtape by lekker Hondje presenting 24 minutes of Drum’n’Bass and Drumstep punching the bassline hard all over. Progressive dirty beats from beginning till end.


Always Be My Sunshine // Amseiko feat. Charmaine (including lekker Hondje remix)

Posted in Remixes, Tunes on June 13, 2011 by lekkerhondje

song: Always Be My Sunshine
Artist: Amseiko
Vocals: Charmaine

lekker Hondje’s )) cloud9 focus (( remix

original mix

piano edit (piano by Acyl)

Desolate Minds: 3 new progressive Drum’n’Bass tunes by lekker hondje

Posted in Tunes on June 3, 2011 by lekkerhondje

Quick update, 3 new tunes in a small progressive DnB project that lekker was working are ready now. It’s released under the name of the Desolate Minds project. It ranges from dark techy vibes to some liquid dnb that will make you dream off and this accompagnied by a massive banger that will get you dancing for sure.

1: out of this world, out of this dream [ original mix ]

2: try again tomorrow [ original mix ]

3: Long Time feat K-Otix —¬† )) ruin the present, worry about the future (( bootleg¬† [ original mix ]

Enjoy the progressive beats))

New mixtape available / l4nd 0f Bullsh1t Str1k3s B4ck!!!!

Posted in Mixtapes, Tunes on May 20, 2011 by lekkerhondje

So here we go, l4nd 0f Bullsh1t Str1k3s B4ck!!!!

lekker Hondje delivers another 30 minutes of pure straight in your face electro, she doesnt try to cover it up or make it more pretty, she just gives it to you raw again in this new 30 minute mixtape extract that she put out there. Its everything you can expect from a lekker Hondje electro set. Dubstep, experimental glitchy melodious madness covered up with lots of vocal beauty and ambient settings that can make you dream away into places you could have never imagined.

land of bullshit cd

Here you can find a short demo intruduction video on vimeo. Welcome to my hornyland!! enjoy the progressive beats))

for full download/stream access it here from my page.

Johann Johannsson – Sun’s Gone Dim – Lekker Hondje’s )) shutting the door against the setting sun (( edit / remix

Posted in Remixes, Tunes on May 15, 2011 by lekkerhondje

bootleg I did on Johann Johannsson’s Sun’s Gone Dim. I used to trailer footage for Battle: Los Angeles but switched the music for mine. Enjoy. Bootleg at its purest.

for download of the track go to my soundcloud page: